the process
  amanda brisbane
  frozen water
  leaf vessels
  flower vessels
  On Fire
  Spring 2009
  Fall 2009
  Spring 2011
  Rainbow Dust
  Untamed & Beautiful
  Majestic Skies
  Hidden Ocean
  Flight of Fantasy
  Clear Worlds


The vessel collection takes its inspiration from a diverse range of natural sources. Amanda’s abstracted compositions emphatically communicate the intrinsic beauty and subtlety of nature’s many varied forms.

The vessels have a marvelous fluency about them. Each mould is individually made, and as the molten glass begins to solidify it is manipulated into new and wonderful shapes. Amanda’s meticulous understanding of her craft informs her exactly when to intervene with the molten glass and transform it into something remarkable.

Amanda’s vessels are made to order and can be commissioned from a stunning colour palette.

click here for an example of colours available for the large clams